Seefilms Syncplay

To synchronize playback between multiple people, we'll use a program called Syncplay. Syncplay isn't a media player; it only coordinates them, so you'll also need to have a good player installed.


Media player

  1. Download and install a compatible media player.


  1. Download and install Syncplay.
  2. Launch Syncplay. Its configuration dialog should open.
  3. From the “Server address” dropdown box, select the last option:
  4. In the “Username” text field, enter your name, or the name you'd like to appear as to other people.
  5. In the “Default room” text field, enter seefilms. This value is case-sensitive, so make sure you enter it in all lower-case.
  6. In “Path to media player” Syncplay should have automatically detected the path to your media player (mpv or MPC-HC).
  7. The Syncplay configuration window should look something like this: Populated Syncplay configuration GUI
  8. Click the “Store configuration and run Syncplay” button at the bottom of the window.
  9. You'll be asked whether it's okay for Syncplay to periodically check for updates. “Yes” is probably a good answer.
  10. Two windows will open: one with the Syncplay interface, and one for your media player. Closing either will also cause the other to be closed – so leave both open while you're playing content.


To ensure that Syncplay stays aware of what you're playing, use the Syncplay user interface to load media, not the UI of your media player.

Once the file is loaded, starting or pausing playback in the media player window should simultaneously start or pause playback for all other connected users.